Directory of innovative projects in personalisd medicine


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Medicine is historically based on personalized strategies but some scientific and technological breakthroughs (Omics, Biomedical Sensors, Point-of-Care systems, Information technology, etc. ) are about to reshape the way medicine is deployed within occidental societies. It appears clearly from these factors that there is a major opportunity to reshape the medical industry, currently based on a mass production model, towards a more tailored to patients' needs one. Personnalized medicine promises to transform patient care, by delivering the best treatment at the right place, the right time and the right cost.


The Health2CARE project co-financed by the CIP (Competitiveness & Innovation Programme) of the European Union aims, thanks to a strong regional political commitment, to gather 4 clusters dedicated to different technological and industrial sectors (medical technologies; biotechnologies; micro-nano electronics & software; polymers & composites industry) in order to implement new cross sectoral value chains for personalized medicine industry.

Tackling upcoming societal challenges such as population ageing, chronic diseases and increase of healthcare expenditure, the project attempts to contribute to the emergence of personalised medicine solutions by means of cross-cutting and cross sectoral technological breakthroughs. Due to the strong focus on cluster community, the project is likely to have a significant impact in strengthening local SMEs' competitiveness and creating further employment opportunities.

Final conference : 31 March 2016

This closure event gathered more than 40 people from 6 different European countries to present the results and best practices on innovation policies and industrial development strategies.
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