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Final conference

The final conference of the Health2CARE programme took place the 31st of March in Lyon after more than 2 years of fruitful collaborations at European level and actions driven towards regional industrial base in the domain of personalised healthcare. This closure event gathering more than 40 people from 6 different European countries represented the opportunity to present the results and share with our European partners best practices on innovation policies and industrial development strategies.

Health2CARE, programme coordinated by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region aimed to test and validate new methods and tools to improve regional policies dedicated to support innovation. It also allowed to strenghten the cross-sectoral cooperation and in-fine the development of new solutions in the personalised healthcare.
Such processes lead to new, altered or improved solutions, goods and services that transform and create new industrial value chains - emerging industries. Clusters and cluster organisations are very well suited to facilitate such transformative processes as they are able to reach out to stakeholders in different industries and regions and support their members (Start_ups & SMEs) to grow.

The involvement of 4 regional clusters i-Care, Lyonbiopôle, Minalogic and Plastipolis in this programme showed the importance of the cross sectoral approach.
The main assessment of the programme is the identification of 20 projects and the support to 9 of them. All these projects are gathered in a directory available on the Health2CARE website.
These results are the fruit of:
- 2 calls for expression of interest towards regional companies, driven by Lyonbiopôle and i-Care Cluster involving a panel of European experts for the selection of projects.
- Services (business development, market studies, reglementary affairs,...) provided to companies by European consultants via innovation vouchers and managed by Minalogic and Plastipolis
A political part went along with the programme through study trips in 2 other European regions and a peer review work driven by European experts in order to advise the Regional Council on the evolution of its policy tools for innovation.
The lessons, experiences and insights gained at all three levels - policy, cluster and business have successfully attained the initial aims of providing impact at a regional level. From the European perspective, the objective now is to continue to share our experience and to continue to engage in partnerships with other European regions and clusters.
Thank you very much to all regional and European partners for these 2 years of rich collaboration !




Lucia Seel - Lucia Seel International Consulting

Lucia Seel presented the models of cluster competence mapping developed by the Region of Lower Austria and the cross-sectorial platforms developed in Austria. Due to the fact that the value chains are not static and progress all the time, the cluster management has the role to guide the process, involve the necessary expertise in creating the awareness at the company/research level about the potential of cooperating beyond the sector they belong to, defining with experts the themes that have most potential for innovation and market success. One of the Austrian platforms developed, PlasTexTron (between plastics, textiles and mechatronics/electronics clusters) is a good example and it can also be described as a "cluster of clusters".
The European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) www.clustercollaboration.eu - an initiative of the DG GROW - is a service facility aiming to provide cluster organisations modern tools, allowing them to make efficient use of networking instruments (search/find potential partners and opportunities), to develop collaboration within Europe and internationally, to support among others the emergence of new value chains through cross-sectorial cooperation.



Lieve Apers - Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Nano4health project is one of the 6 EmI (Emerging Industries) projects selected by the EC just like Health2CARE. The consortium coordinated by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreuneurship in partnership with Flanders bio, DSP Valley (nano / micro electronics) and Flanders DC (District of Creativity Network) developed a multidisciplinary approach based on a spider model including not only policy makers, academics, entrepreneurs but also investors in cluster ecosystems.



Alberto Pezzi - Emma Vendrell - ACCIÓ

Catalonia - one of the long-term partners of Rhone-Alpes region in the 4 Motors for Europe cooperation - developed a strong cluster policy with a very rich and integrated ecosystem.
In this ecosystem, ACCIÓ - the Catalan agency for business & competitiveness - provides a pool of tailor-made services to cluster organisations in order to help them in their further development and promotes the emergence of new generation cluster initiatives of crosscutting nature.



Gérard WEIL

VoicePatch offers a personalised follow-up of patients having knee or hip joints problems or that suffered orthopaedic surgery, including joint replacement. This medical device gives a complete and precise evaluation of the human lower limb joints movements.
Innovation support provided by Health2CARE consortium consists in a voucher on regulatory affairs (CE mark).



HISTORAM : Raman Imaging for Histopathology
Samy Strola

Historam developed a user friendly and optimised microscope for rapid cancer localisation and quantification via Raman Imaging.
Innovation support provided by Health2CARE consortium is a market study dedicated to consolidate the business and marketing approach as well as the financial plan for the incoming start-up.




Passed events



The i-Care Cluster was present at MEDICA 2015 which is the major fair in the world about medical devices & Health Technology. 5 companies were hosted on the booth run by i-Care Cluster to present their products & services. A specific platform on the booth was designed to present the Health2CARE project to the various people coming from all over the world.

More information : Health2CARE projects

Call for expression of interests "Innovation Vouchers" 2015

The objective is to foster the identification of product offers or cross-sectoral and/or cross-technical solutions in Rhône-Alpes, in the field of personalised medicine, which could then be supported by the HEALTH2CARE consortium and/or by a dedicated service offer. This offer should thus facilitate the innovative projects structuration and their transformation into product(s) or business service(s).

After a selection by a European jury, support will be offered to the most promising applications; this support will particularly be provided by the implementation of financial envelopes, so-called "Innovation vouchers", in order to benefit from support of external experts (selected by HEALTH2CARE among a pre-established list).

Before June 12th 2015: Application must be filled in in English and will be assessed by a European Jury

For further information : Description call of interest

Health TechDays 2015

During the Health TechDays 2015, the study on the "Development of the personalised health in Europe" realised in the framework of Health2CARE was presented during a dedicated market-oriented session. The new technologies and the amount of data available about a patient lead to adopt new approaches for a more personalised care.
Given to the fact that countries studied (UK, Germany, France & Denmark) have different health organisations and financing models, what potential do these new approaches on the European market offer? This session was completed by a testimony from Roche Diagnostics, the world leader in the field, and a specific talk about reimbursement processes in the UK.

Rinascimento: Emerging Industries - A New Engine for Growth" - Milan, 13-14 November 2014


The first European Emerging Industries Conference "Rinascimento: Emerging Industries - A New Engine for Growth" was organised by the Region of Lombardy in cooperation with the European Commission's Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry in the framework of the Italian Council Presidency. It offered an important opportunity for policy makers, entrepreneurs, SME intermediaries and other stakeholders to come together and exchange views, ideas and opinions on Europe's most important resource - innovation.
Rhône Alpes Region, as coordinator of the Health2CARE initiative, took part to the parallel session dedicated to Clusters & SME intermediaries in order to answer to the following questions:
• How can clusters and SME intermediaries set up mechanisms that enable cross-sectoral cooperation?
• How can innovation vouchers schemes support cooperation between emerging industries and knowledge institutions?
• How can clusters ans SME intermediaries support entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills for innovation and development?

Website : Regione Lombardi

Health2CARE forum

This forum has been organised  in Lyon the 23rd of September during the Health TechDays' 2014.
Please find here the minutes of the creativity workshop

Website : Health TechDays'