Art of living


  • More than 15,000 restaurants
  • Rhône-Alpes features 57 different products with an AOC (controlled origin appellation) classification.
  • 80% of the territory of Rhône-Alpes is concerned by an AOC

Art of living and traditional crafts

Poulet de BresseWhen talking about the art of living in France, people often speak of good food and this feature is certainly more outstanding in Rhône-Alpes than elsewhere. And while restaurant stars are probably more numerous here than in other regions, the relationship to great savours is present in the everyday life of the people of Rhône-Alpes, who live surrounded by first rate products. Fish from the ponds and lakes of Dombes and the Loire, poultry from Bresse, fruits from Drôme, the cheeses of Savoie... the list is long indeed.

But the art of living in Rhône-Alpes isn't limited to its kitchens.

One of the sources of regional identity can be found amongst the master-craftsmen who bring together tradition and innovation. Stone masons and monumental masons breathe life into stone, while potters do the same with clay and kaolin. Glass blowers and stained glass restorers bring light into play, while the numerous varieties of wood in Rhône-Alpes nourish the art of cabinet makers. It is impossible to mention them all, as, here again, the list is long and also includes the many piano and organ makers, stringed-instrument makers, the gunsmiths of Saint-Étienne and elsewhere, metal, leather and textile workers, clockmakers, upholsters and tapestry-makers.