Higher education & research

2nd region in France for university study and scientific research

240,000 students in Rhône-Alpes including 25,000 overseas students

600 public-sector research laboratories

19,000 researchers

12% of the scientific publications and 16% of the patents in France

Students, take the international road through Rhône-Alpes!

In Rhône-Alpes, there are hundreds of higher education courses to choose from. The range includes social and human sciences, micro and nanotechnology, life sciences, green chemistry and the environment, as well as engineering and renewable energy. Here is an overview of the opportunities in France's second most important region for university study and scientific research.

Rhône-Alpes offers a wealth of choices for advanced study, in university towns such as Lyon, Grenoble, Saint Etienne and Annecy/Chambéry, which vary in size and in the advantages they offer. The region's higher education establishments are international in their outlook and of their 240,000 students, 25,000 are from overseas. These overseas students benefit from the LMD degree system (Bachelor's degree - Licence - after 3 years' study, Master's after 5 years, Doctorate after 8 years) which means that their qualifications are recognised in over 45 European countries.

Study for a degree in Rhône-Alpes, it will be recognised in over 45 European countries!

The range of courses offered in Rhône-Alpes covers every discipline. However, the region is particularly well-known for its centres of excellence associated with research in a number of different fields. These include digital technology, nanotechnology, materials / management, organisation, production / chemistry, energy, transport / biotechnology and health / lifestyle, culture, science and society. Some of these courses are specifically open to international students, with programmes taught in different languages, special preparation for studying in France, French language courses etc.

Thinking of studying in our region?

For help in choosing from the huge range of courses offered, and in preparing for your time in Rhône-Alpes, visit these websites:

Information about the administrative procedures to follow in order to study in Rhône-Alpes, the various forms of financial assistance available to overseas students, accommodation or healthcare can all be found on one website: www.campusfrance.org

We look forward to welcoming you to Rhône-Alpes!