Business travel represents 20% of tourism in Rhône-Alpes

Leader in both alpine and rural tourism. Rhône-Alpes is home to more natural spaces and protected areas than any other French region

France’s second region both in terms of population and tourism-related employment: some 12% of  jobs in the tourist industry are based in Rhône-Alpes

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A new approach to tourism in the Rhône-Alpes Region

In adopting its first Regional Development Plan for Tourism and Leisure, the Region, and all its partners, elected representatives, professionals and inhabitants, has decided to implement a major new strategy to reinforce its leading position in the tourism sector.

Tourism is an absolutely key sector within the region's economy, providing almost 100,000 direct jobs and the same number of indirect jobs, and directly accounting for 7% of regional GDP, which means 10 billion euros of tourism expenditure. With almost 150 million bed‑nights in 2007, the Rhône-Alpes Region is the second most popular destination among French visitors!

Today, the sector is undergoing radical transformation. Visitors' behaviour patterns are altering, their expectations are different, and demand is changing. The aim of this plan is to develop an innovative, sustainable form of tourism.

On the basis of these facts, and of the opportunities presented to it in terms of tourism development, the Region is taking action to adapt its policy to the new trends, by committing itself to innovative, sustainable tourism.

The strategy defined by the regional development plan for tourism and leisure will enable the Region to meet three main objectives :

  • to develop its attractiveness and its tourist economy, in order to create more jobs in this sector
  • to aim towards responsible tourism which is accessible to the greatest number of people
  • to commit itself to environmentally-friendly tourism, based on the desire to preserve the environment in which its inhabitants live and work.

This new plan proposes five major areas of development in order to fulfil these significant commitments. It is therefore absolutely essential to improve the quality of tourist accommodation, to develop consultancy and advice to tourist enterprises, and to provide support for "middle-mountain" resorts so that they can diversify their range of activities whilst incorporating sustainable development. The Region also aims to promote the development of innovative tourist ventures and products. Finally, it recognises the need to support the creation of seasonal employment and to improve the quality of life for those in such employment.