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"See, taste, explore, understand, observe...
In Rhône-Alpes, your senses come alive, enabling you to soak
up the atmosphere for an unforgettable experience.
In Rhône-Alpes, you feel welcome and at home."

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Rhône-Alpes covers 43,698,km²  which represents 8% of the total surface area of France. This makes it comparable in size to Denmark or Switzerland.

 With nearly 6 millions inhabitants, our region has a larger population than Scotland or Denmark.

With GDP of more than 180 billion in 2007, Rhône-Alpes produces 9.8% of total French wealth.



Faces of Rhône-Alpes - Remits of the Région in pictures - Film of Pascal GazeThe Rhône-Alpes region lies at the natural crossroads of major national and European axes of communication. This situation makes it a region where diversity is the key-word. This geographic, climatic, sociological and cultural puzzle could be a handicap. Rhône-Alpes has made this its great strength. Considered as a symbol of dynamism in the heart of the European Union, the Rhône-Alpes Region is co-founder of the "Four Motors for Europe" which, with Catalonia, Lombardy and Baden-Wurttemberg, works in the university, scientific, economic, sport and cultural fields.
Rhône-Alpes is one of the regions with the highest birth rates in Europe and its net migration rate is positive. Young people are very much present, and the student population is around 236,000.
It's worth noting that there are 365,000 sites of economic activity in Rhône-Alpes and there are 80,000 active associations.
Focused on dynamism and constantly growing, the Regional Council's budget was close to €2.4 billion in 2012.
The region's hospitals and clinics have developed specialities that have achieved renown, not only nationally, but also often at European level (transplant surgery, neurology, cancer research, severe burns units, etc.).
Every day, 136,000 passengers travel on the region's 1,200 trains and 6000 coaches. Lyon Saint-Exupéry international airport handles close to 8 million passengers annually.