International solidarity

"See, taste, explore, understand, observe...
In Rhône-Alpes, your senses come alive, enabling you to soak
up the atmosphere for an unforgettable experience.
In Rhône-Alpes, you feel welcome and at home."

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10 million euros earmarked for international solidarity every year

Almost 1300 jobs linked to international solidarity in Rhône-Alpes

2/3 of France's NGOs have their main offices in Rhône-Alpes

International solidarity: everyone’s concerned !

It is increasingly difficult to overlook the obvious: from North to South and East to West, everything is interconnected, making international solidarity an obligation. The Region of Rhône-Alpes has decided to take direct action in the field with the help of partners specialising in solidarity issues.  We advocate neither charity nor welfare, we promote action. Our conception of international solidarity aims to allow poorer countries to enjoy development without compromising on their lifestyle, environment or independence.

Promoting fair trade for international solidarity

Fair trade is a logical component of this policy. The Region has adopted a regional plan covering every stage in the cycle by supporting farmers, educating consumers/citizens and encouraging local authorities to give priority to fair trade and international solidarity in their procurement contracts.

Our awareness raising campaigns cover every facet of developmental aid including educational initiatives such as International Solidarity Week held in November every year.
Encourage young people to get involved
In the same way, the region encourages young people to work with NGOs (colleges, training centres, job centres) by helping fund their projects.

The Region is also involved in actions in the field in conjunction with regional humanitarian aid associations, in particular those belonging to the RESACOOP umbrella network.
Lastly, in the event of a natural disaster or conflict, the region can call upon a regional emergency fund intended to help humanitarian associations provide relief in the field as soon as possible, in the name of international solidarity.